Bugging Out With Your 72 Hour Survival Bag

Are you considering prepping yourself for an emergency, crisis, disaster or Zombie attack?Get out of town bag

Maybe you don’t know where to begin!

In the event you need to evacuate and Get Outta Dodge keeping a Bug Out Gear Backpack handy might make all the difference in your survival.

F. A. Q.

Q. What is a zombie bug out bag?

Sometimes called a Tactical Bug Out Bag, is a backpack or Tote that you keep handy with predetermined items that would be needed if there was a forced evacuation or emergency crisis.

Q. Why do you need a Survival kit?

Should you be forced to evacuate your home or business and run for your life, the tactical go bag is what you would use to live out of for several or many days depending on what type of disaster kit you have prepared.

Keep in mind the first 72 hours of any type of emergency action are the most crucial ones. You will in all likelihood be able to go home eventually, but, you need to have a means to provide shelter, fire, water and food for your family and yourself until the all clear signal is given.

In addition to bugging out to a safe place you should have enough food and water to last each person for 3 days.

Once you have decided on your survival equipment you need to have something to put all your gear in…

So, like the name suggests the 72 HOUR SURVIVAL BAG should be large enough to hold all your most important survival items…

So where can you get the best tactical go bag for the money?

The ==>Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack

An Amazon Best Seller and rated #1 in Sports & Outdoors > Tactical Bags & PacksSurvival Bag

  • It provides plenty of space for your gear and accessories.
  • Is durable and water-resistant.
  • Molle webbing throughout.
  • Double stitched heavy duty zippers and utility style cord pulls.

This Military Style Best Bug Out Bag has many uses so keep it packed and ready to go:

  • Emergency Grab and Go Bag
  • Hurricane / Earthquake Disaster Kit
  • Get Outta Dodge Bag
  • Zombie Survival Backpack
  • Day Pack for daily use

              Customers who have purchased this Large Rugged Backpack have said:

“Bag was significantly larger than I had anticipated. I picked it up as an emergency bag and have room to spare. Has plenty of little nooks and pockets for cramming various emergency supplies. (My 4 day supply of emergency rations fit into an inside pocket like a glove) I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the MOLLE and adding one or several small pouches.”Macky

“Very durable. Zippers are bomb proof. Great bug out bag or good for everyday use. Very very versatile and expandable with all the Molle straps.”Xander Barrett


Reebow Tactical BackpackYour survival bag is your first step in  preparing yourself for an unexpected emergency.

Once you have decided on your bag  and have purchased your must have survival gear, pack it to make sure everything fits…

Take your packed bag out on a trail run to a nearby hiking trail or park and walk around with it on.



Now that you have picked out your survival bag it is important that you consider some type of survival weapon.

Q. Why do you need a survival weapon?

I am sure you will agree the main and most important reason is to stay alive. Having a way to defend yourself and your family is crucial for survival.

The best self-defense is to avert confrontations, yet when that’s not doable, you don’t want to be caught without a weapon.

Best Non Gun Weapon – Made in USA….

==>The Trucker’s Friend, aka the Zombinator…

is a must-have should there be a Zombie Apocalypse

It replaces many tools to make your hiking, hunting, camping or other off-road experience safe and sound. Whether chopping kindling, hammering tent stakes or even for protection from raging Zombibator Survival Toolanimals, you’ll be glad to add this brawny friend to your zombie survival bag

Survival weapons and tools are essential when it comes to prepping for an zombie calamity.

There are various types of weapons, and arguments as to why you should possess some of them. 

While firearms can be very effective for self defense and hunting for food, you run into the problem of maintaining enough ammo if you need to go off the grid for any extended period of time They are also very noisy if you don’t want to give away your location.

Be Prepared and Gear Up to Survive and Stay Alive for Tomorrow!

Show Me the Money!

If you need to get out of dodge fast due to a Zombie infestation or civil unrest, have at least three to four hundred dollars stashed in your Go-To-Bag,

small bills will work the best. This money can be used to buy additional emergency supplies like canned goods, extra batteries, MRE’s or whatever essentials you might need.

You may have to bargain for housing, or even buy your way past a checkpoint, you never know. Take as much as you can.

Some people say adding silver or gold coins will give you added bartering power.go off the grid



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What part of the country you live in and what you intend your bug out bag to do will dictate what gear you need to put in your bag.

The Basics are all the same so start by checking out these….

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